Pawmetto Lifeline and the Rocumentarian have teamed up to educate the public about the benefits of adoption and spaying or neutering pets in order to fight against animal euthanasia. "My Life Would Suck Without You" was reproduced by band Hour Zero at Jam Room Studios, Tom Beard performed on keyboard, and the talented Kim Harne performed the vocals.

Over 50 cast members, 14 dogs, and 1 cat volunteered to help make this a very successful endeavor. Two story lines converge - an adorable Yorkie abandoned and now on death row at a shelter is saved by Pawmetto Lifeline and subsequently adopted by a family of sisters (whose story also unfolds). We see that the family’s life would suck without the pet and definitely vice versa.

We filmed in conjunction with Coal Powered Filmworks around Columbia all throughout the month of September including on location at 701 Whaley and the Hunter Gatherer Brewery. Click here to see the flyer from the event.

A surprise dance scene was performed by Unbound Dance Company choreographed by Caroline Lewis-Jones and there are endearing cameos by former rescue pets and their owners.

The video was unveiled at Pawmetto Lifeline’s Annual Fur Ball Event on October 16, 2010. In November, the video will found on YouTube, and advertised through a social media marketing campaign.


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