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Midlife, WE ARE LIVE! Two friendly acquaintances are experiencing midlife crises on different sides of a series of murder mysteries. One is trying to commit the perfect murder, the other is intent on finding and stopping the criminal.

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SUCCESS! November 2010: the Rocumentarian successfully raised $5,300 in donations to cover production costs (and $4,000 worth of in-kind donations) for the Pawmetto Lifeline PSA, "My Life Would Suck Without You." You can watch the video here.
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Palmetto Pillar Award! August 31, 2010:At an annual awards ceremony held August 31, 2010, the Rocumentarian was awarded a Palmetto Pillar Award by the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce and the Information Technology Council (ITC). The inaugural Technology in the Arts award recognizes the success of the Rocumentarian and its mission to create engaging and positive music videos to bring awareness and support to humanitarian causes, local interest stories, and charities all across America.

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